“SV Analytix Consulting has honestly been a LIFESAVER for our company! We started our small business in 2018. At the time, we felt it was something we could handle ourselves, but every year we would grow a little more. We began to feel a little more nervous about the way we were handling our Accounting all on our own. In 2021 we decided to add to our small business. Little did we know we would boom that year.

We thankfully hired SV Analytix Consulting in February 2021! The way they handle accounting at SV Analytix Consulting is way beyond amazing! They are super organized, super punctual, very professional, understanding, extremely patient, responsible.. we could honestly go on and on. They are literally the whole package. We realized we were doing it all wrong before hiring SV Analytix Consulting. We were so unorganized. We had never imagined “Accounting” would imply so much!

We highly recommend SV Analytix Consulting. Not only have they become our close friends, they have also made us grow and become a better company for sure! We can go and take care of business and know we are having OUR business taken care of by SV Analytix Consulting. “

Martin and Abby Varela,